Sunday, 26 April 2015

How To Root / Unroot Xiaomi Redmi 2 Without PC?

redmi 2 root without pcRedmi 2 is my first Xiaomi device and I am really satisfied with the spec and performance of the Redmi 2 for the price tag 6,999/- INR. Here I am posting the safest root method available in Xiaomi official forum for Redmi 2. This root method doesn't need any PC or Custom Recovery, just do it in your phone it self.

I have tested this root on the Redmi 2 Global version with MIUI version (KHJMICB) and it worked without issue. In the Xiaomi forums Redmi 2 rooting thread you can find other variants of Redmi 2 root too.

- Post updated with unrooting method.

Update (23/05/2015)
- Redmi 2 OTA update installation will fail on rooted device. So Unroot your Redmi 2 before OTA update.

Update (29-5-2015)
- Root available for V6.5.2.0.KHJMICD

Update (21-7-2015)
- Root available for V6.6.6.0.KHJMICF

- In this post I am using the root for Redmi 2 Indian (Global) version with MIUI (KHJMICB). If you have different phone or different MIUI version use appropriate root file.
- This root process will not delete any data. (Still recommend to backup important data)
- Battery percentage should be 40 or above.
- Rooting Will Void Warranty I am not responsible for any damage.

Redmi 2 Root Without PC

1. Download Specific Root File for Your Redmi 2 Version - Download
2. Copy The Root File to Internal Memory.
3. Open Updater app (Probably in Tools Folder)
4. In Updated app tap on the 3 dots on the right top and select Choose update package.

redmi 2 updater softwareredmi 2 updater choose update package

5. Now browse for the copied root file and select it.
(When You select the root package phone will reboot. Wait till it finish the process.)

6. After Reboot, Open Security app and tap on Permissions. You will see Root access menu there.

xiaomi redmi 2 root access

7. For Better root Management download Supersu and open it, then enable root access for Supersu in Security app finally Reboot device ...

That's it you are successfully rooted your Xiaomi Redmi 2.

Redmi 2 Unroot Without PC

If any case you wish to unroot your Redmi 2 follow the below steps.

1. Download Specific UnrootRoot (Disable) File for Your Redmi 2 Version - Download

2. Copy the Unroot file to Internal Memory.

3. follow the rooting procedure from step 3.

That's it.

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