Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How To Fix "Unable to resolve the server's DNS address" Error ?

Unable to resolve the server's DNS address, Mostly I get this error on embedded video players in web pages. This is a common error, mainly because the ISP can't find the server or the server blocked by the ISP. When we connect to internet, by default we use the DNS provided by an ISP (Assigns Automatically ). So changing this default DNS to any free DNS servers like Google DNS, OpenDNS, etc. will fix the issue completely.

Google Public DNS
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Open DNS
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

As I mentioned above changing the DNS to any of the provided one will fix the DNS error. Follow the below steps to change the network DNS to a custom one.

How to
1. Open Run Command (Press Windows + R )
2. Type ncpa.cpl then, press OK.
3. Right click the Network Adapter you are using and select Properties.
4. In the Properties Window, Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)
5. Tick Use the following DNS server addresses.
6. Finally enter any of the DNS provided.
For example Use Google Public DNS
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

That's it...


  1. Unable to connect to the proxy server........does'nt work

  2. What about if we get this error is android phone.?

    1. In Android you can set dns in wifi setting ... edit your wifi access point then change ip settings to static .. there you can enter dns

  3. Support for all progress of restart DNS address could network