Friday, 17 October 2014

How To Backup APK Using ES File Manager Latest Version? Now You Can't See The Old App Manager Menu Item.

backup apk es file explorerAlong with bug fixes,performance improvements and other feature enhancements the ES team brought a modified Fast Access menu on the recent version of ES File Explorer File Manager. In the previous version of ES File Manager there was an App Manager menu item in the Fast Access menu, Which is used to mange User and System apps. The App Manager's apk backup feature is very useful as we can backup and reinstall the app later without downloading from Google Play. One of my old post titled "How To Backup Android Apps As APK using ES File Explorer ?" mentioned the steps do the same.

As the recent version modified the Fast access menu, now you can't find the App Manger there. Its renamed to APP and placed in Library menu. The New APP is same as the old App Manager and which can do all the old stuffs like Uninstall, backup, etc. The process of backup apk is same and I included the complete steps in this post.

Backup Android App Using ES File Explorer File Manager

1. Open ES File Explorer - Download
2. Tap on Fast Access icon or option soft key or swipe from left to right.
3. In Fast Access menu tap on Library then APP.

es file explorer fast access menu

4. In the APP grid long press on the desired app you wish to back up and finally tap on Backup.
(If you wish to backup multiple apps, just tap on other apps too)

es file explorer app manager

Thats it.. You can grab the backed up app apk from /sdcard/backups/apps/.

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  1. Thanks for reporting the directory where they're saved. ES itself doesn't give you very long to read it's completion message.
    Can I change where the apps are saved?
    Will the folder still be there after a factory reset?