Friday, 7 March 2014

How To Turn Of Windows Phone Camera Shutter and Screenshot Sound ?

Most of us know how to take a screen shot in windows mobile. It is a very easy and fast procedure when compared to Android. The key combination is common for all windows phones (hold power and tap the windows button or press power and windows button together... On successful you will hear a screenshot sound).

The screenshot sound is same as the camera capture sound, So it may drive you into trouble, especially when you are in public places. The people look up and may think you are taking pictures of them. The sound will produce even the phone is in silent mode.

In this post I included the option to disable windows phone screenshot sound as well as the camera shutter sound. Both of the sounds can disable by unchecking the Camera shutter option in ringtones + sounds. Here are the complete steps..

Windows Phone Disable Camera shutter and Screenshot sound

1. Go to Settings > ringtones + Sounds
2. Uncheck Camera shutter.

That's it..

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