Friday, 21 March 2014

How To Change NotePad++ Default Shortcut Keys For Plugins Like Emmet, Intent By Fold Etc. ?

In Windows Platform, Notepad++ is the most popular code Editor among the developers. Its code highlighting available on a wide range of languages includes Java, PHP,HTML,CSS, XML, etc. The availability of wide range of plugins extends Notepad++ to the level of premium IDE's.

Shortcut keys will be more helpful when the keys are handy for the user. It depends by the user. Most of the popular Notepad++ plugins like Emmet, Indent By Fold, etc. has a default shortcut to execute the command. But many users like to change it to another hot-key which feels more comfortable for them.

Luckily in Notepad++ we have the option to change or assign new shortcut keys for the built-in Notepad++ commands and the third party plugin commands. In this post I included the simple steps to change the default shortcut keys in Notepad++ code editor.

Change Notepad++ Short cut Keys

1. Open Notepad++
2. Goto Settings -> Shortcut Mapper..
3. To change plugin shortcut click on Plugin Command tab

4. In the shortcut mapper window...double click on the desired command you wish to change or select the command and click Modify.

5. Modify to the desired one...
(For example, if You need Ctrl + E for Expand Abbreviation, then the selection will be like in the image below)

6. Finally, Click OK...Restart NotePad++. That's it.


  1. Hi there.
    txs for sharing.
    how can i use emmet in np++ for php?
    sorry asking this basic question...