Saturday, 22 February 2014

How Long Should Charge The New HP/Compaq Laptop Battery For The First Time and How To Maintain It For Better Battery Life?

When we receive a new laptop or notebook, the first question comes in everyone's head is 'How Long Should I Charge My Laptop battery for the first time?. When you ask with your friends or others you may get different answers like 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, etc..

I too had the same question when I got my first laptop and the same question worried me till I found the great article on HP Pavilion Notebook PCs support. As far as I understand from the article, We can disconnect the laptop charger whenever the charging reach at 100%.

In this post I included the link to the official article "Understanding Lithium-Ion and Smart Battery Technology" by HP Pavilion Notebook PCs support and directly included one of the answers in the same article which helped me most to clear the confusion.

How does the notebook charge the battery?
Adhering to recommendations by battery cell suppliers and best practices, the notebook does not continue charging the battery once the battery is 100% fully charged. Once the battery is 100% fully charged, the 'terminate charge bit' is set, preventing the battery from charging. The battery does not clear the 'terminate charge bit' until after the fuel gauge falls below 94%. Once the battery fuel gauge falls below 94%, the 'charge bit' is set and the battery does begin charging with the AC adaptor connected to the notebook. If the AC adaptor is disconnected between the levels of 94% to 100%, the 'charge bit' will not be set and the notebook will no longer charge the battery.

Read here the complete Article by HP Support
Download the Article as PDF

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