Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How To Disable Increasing Ringtone Volume in Galaxy Note 3, S4, S3 and all other Samsung and LG Mobiles ?

Sometimes the manufacture includes many annoying settings with the Android updates which are not changeable by default. You may notice that from Android 4.3 onwards Samsung made the ringtone volume setting to ascending / increasing mode and there is no option included to disable it. Even Samsung provided it as an updated feature many users complaints it as annoying.

This option is very much annoying because we can't hear our favorite ringtone in its real structure. The ring tone starts quietly, then increase to the level the volume was set at. Even Samsung hasn't included the option to disable ascending / increasing ringtone volume we can still disable it using third party apps or switching to any custom ROM.

Flashing a custom ROM to disable increasing volume may not fit for every user. So, in this post I included the download link of an Android app which uses to Disable Increasing Ring. The app is available for free at Google Play.

How To
1. Install Disable Increasing Ring
2. Open the app

That's it..

To hide the Disable Increasing Ring app notification uncheck Show notification in App info.

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