Wednesday, 1 January 2014

How To Easily Access WiFi, Mobile Data,Bluetooth, GPS Like Toggle's Setting Screen in Samsung Stock ROMS?

Samsungs Touchwiz UI has many Notification Toggles which help us to easily enable disable frequently using options like WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, GPS, Screen Rotation etc. These toggle buttons are very handy as it needed just a single tap to disable or enable the favorite option. In this post I included another handy feature of Notification toggle which helps to easily access the toggle options setting screen.

For example if we want to receive files via Bluetooth we need to change the visibility settings if the device not paired. In this case, we can access the Bluetooth visibility settings by long pressing the Bluetooth toggle button. The feature may familiar to many Samsung users. But still it's worth writing here if it's helpful for any new user.

This feature is tested on TouchWiz Nature UX version don't know if it's available in older TouchWiz version.

Long Press on the corresponding Toggle to access the settings screen.

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