Friday, 17 January 2014

How To Fix Nokia Lumia Headphone Jack Problems Like One side Only, Low Volume etc ?

Last week my friend bought Nokia Lumia 625. The phone is amazing in looks and build quality. It has a great spec for the price tag expect the 512 MB RAM and the lack of NFC and magnetic sensor. It could be better if it has a 1 GB RAM as some of the games in the windows app store are optimized only for 1 GB RAM only. Even it has 512 MB RAM there is no hang or lag issues that we are facing in the low end Android mobiles.

After using 3 days he faced a problem with the headphone jack. In headphone the sound was only coming in one side. The same headphone tested with galaxy S3 and worked fine. We tried using S3 headset, but no luck. According to Google search results the headphone problem is a common issue in almost all Lumia phones mostly in 520,620,625,720,820,920 etc. Finally, I found a simple and working solution commented by MaulerX at WP Central forum.

- Restart the Phone

That's It....Tested and Works Fine in Lumia 625.

nokia lumia headphone jack problem



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