Monday, 27 January 2014

Download Greenify, Android Best Battery Saving App For Rooted And Non-rooted Android Devices

greenify android non root
If We compare Android With IOS,Windows phone OS, Symbian OS, Definitely Android will get better ratings in most things except the battery life issue. Since the first version battery draining is a major issue in Android, There is no improved solution implemented till the last version.

On Google Play there are many third party Android apps are available for free and paid, which helps to optimize the battery usage. According to me, None of the battery optimizing app gave a much noticeable and improved battery life except Greenify.

Greenify is an amazing freemium Android app which helps to hibernate background running apps when you are not using them. By hibernating none using apps Greenify will reduce the RAM usage and battery drain to a better extend. Till the last update the Greenify was only available for rooted devices only. The latest version of the app started supporting with un rooted Android devices too. In non rooted Android device Greenify Auto hibernate will not work due to permission issues. Along with the non root Android support Greenify also added many improvements and features in the last version. Here is the complete list of the official change log.

Greenify 2.0 / 2.1 beta 3 Official Change log
- Greenify now works on non-root devices! Try out the non-root working mode (without automatic hibernation due to privilege restriction).
- Shortcut "Hibernate All" can now be created also from main menu in Greenify.
- Greatly improved the stability of auto-hibernation, especially on Android 4.4+.
- Improved experimental feature "Block on-going notification abuse".
- Redesigned manual hibernation guide.
- Added introduction to automation with accessibility service.

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