Friday, 11 October 2013

How To Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound in Galaxy Note 3,Note 2 And Many Other Android Devices?

turn off camera shutter sound
Samsung not included an option to Turn Off the Camera shutter sound in all regions Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2. In some region the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2 have the option to turn off the shutter sound. Even the shutter sound is not a big deal sometimes it's a bit annoying.

In this post I included all the available methods to disable camera shutter sound in Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2. If you have a different android phone try any of the method available in this post. Any of the method may work.

Method 1:
For those users of Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3 which have enabled the option to turn off the camera shutter sound by default.

1. Open your Camera Application.
2. In the camera app, click the Settings softkey.
3. On the next settings tab ( third tab )

disable camera shutter sound in galaxy note 3

4. Finally Scroll down and tap on Shutter sound to off it.

Method 2 ( Require Root )
This method enables the hidden Shutter sound menu in Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2. You need to root the phone to get it work.

1. Download and install Note 2 Hidden Settings app from Play Store
2. Open the installed app and scroll down to get CAMERA SETTINGS
3. Under camera settings Toggle ON Add shutter sound menu and tap on Apply button.

disable camera shutter sound in galaxy note 2

4. Exit the app...and follow the Method 1.

Method 3
This method uses the app Enforced Stream Silencer to mute the camera shutter sound. This method works with many android devices other than Note 3 and Note 2..try your luck.

1. Download and install Enforced Stream Silencer from here
2. Open the app and check Disable STREAM_SYSTEM_ENFORCED.

disable camera shutter sound in android

3. Finally exit the app...done..


  1. The shutter sound option (method1) is sadly not present in my Note3 - purchased in India. :-(

  2. @Rohini Kamath
    Try method 2 or 3....

  3. Method 3 worked for me (non rooted)

  4. Method 3 works perfectly on note 3. No need to root the phone..

  5. method 1 didn't work for note 3. however successful on method 3. tq all

  6. # 3 Works! Thank you SS, have a good life, friend.

  7. why your app is not on play store?

  8. @Ged Demet
    Its not my app....I just shared it...

  9. I believe you can shut off you shutter sound by sliding that top part and click on the sound button and making it mute

  10. No. 3 works on N7100 (T-Mobile version for the Czech Republic - without Root). Thanks a lot.

  11. Method 1,2,3 didn't work for my note 3 from Japan :(

    1. You ever find a fix? I have a note3 japan version also

  12. The button is present but can't be changed in setings.
    And the 3rd method did not work :(
    I'm on Android 4.4 with rom X-notes 12 (xda-davelopper)

  13. All methods tried and none work on Aussie note 2

  14. Thanks alot. You saved my time. Method 3 works on Note 3 India version.

  15. Method 3 worked great on Note 2 ATT, thanks!

  16. Works perfectly for me!! Thanks so much!!! (Note 3-N9005-MIUI-Method 2)

  17. Method 3 works for me... Thank you.

  18. thanks....Method 3 is working...100%

  19. Many many thanks! Part 3 worked only. Greetings from Czech republic. THX again

  20. Yay! :) Thanks. # 3 works great

  21. camera shutter off enable but did not off sound even When move off position.

  22. Method 3 works for me. SM-N9005, UK version. Not rooted.

  23. Method 3 works perfectly....thanks,simple fix��

  24. Note 3 ...Method 3 worked for me...Tqvm...