Thursday, 24 October 2013

How To Backup Android Apps As APK using ES File Explorer ?

backup apps android apk
As all we know, ES File explorer is one of the best free file manager available in Google Play. Along with other bunch of features it also help us make apk backups of installed apps and games.

Downloading apps or games from Google Play on each Factory reset or format is always not possible, As it needs a better 3G plan or WiFi. So making the apk backups of installed apps will help you to install those apps later without Google Play or any other Android app store.

In this post I included the steps to backup android apps or games as apk using ES File Explorer.

How To Backup Android Installed Apps and Games using ES File Explorer ?

1. Install ES File Explorer from Google Play
(Skip it if you already installed)

2. Open ES File Explorer.

3. Tap on Fast Access icon (top left) or options soft key.

es file explorer fast access

4. Now in the swipe menu tap on App Manager.

es file explorer app manager

5. In user app list ... Long press on the app or game you wish to backup as apk.

6. Finally Tap on Backup in the bottom menu.

es file explorer backup apk

That's it...

To get the backed up apk files browse to /sdcard/backups/apps/.

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