Sunday, 11 August 2013

How To Uninstall Air Swiper App in Android ?

uninstall air swiper
Air Swiper is a new android app which makes the phone controlled by swiping the hand on air. Even the description not becomes the reality some features works pretty well.

Before the recent Air Swiper update i was installed the app to test the features and after checking i was forget to uninstall it. Yesterday, when i tried to uninstall the Uninstall button was disabled in the Application manager. I thought it may be because of installation file missing or something else. When i searched in Google i found the Air Swiper Play store link as the first result. In the play store page the developer mentioned that there is a Uninstall application option available that we can get by scrolling down in the apps main page. As i was installed the old version i couldn't find any Uninstall option.

Again, I am checked the Google search result and i found that "To uninstall the application, disable Air Swiper as device admin. Go to the Settings->Security->Device Administrators and uncheck Air Swiper. Now you can ..." which was cached by Google. thanks Google.

Here is the detailed step to uninstall the Air Swiper for those who couldn't get from the above Google's cache!!.

How To Uninstall Air Swiper App in Android ?

1. Open Air Swiper app.
2. Click Unlocking and locking the device.
2. Finally Scroll down and click Disable device administrator.

air swiper disable device administrator

That's it ... now uninstall app in Application Manager ( Settings -> Application Manager ).


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