Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Download Android Jelly Bean 4.3 Wallpaper [ Play Store ]

android 4.3 wallpaper
Now its time of Android 4.3, before two days its started rolling out to new nexus devices. Non nexus users are still in the queue. There are many stable 4.3 custom ROM's are cooking in the XDA kitchen, before look into custom ROM's or release lets check some free Android 4.3 wallpaper clones available in the Play Store.

Our devs are very fast on making clones as i found many results when search in Play store. In the result i pick two two free wallpapers which have a decent rating.

1. Nexus 7 Live Wallpaper ( LWP)

It is a live wallpaper based on Nexus 7 you can install it in both mobile and tablet. It comes with many customization include FPS, Type, Quantity, Size, Speed, Direction etc.

2. Android 4.3 Wallpapers

It is collection of static Android 4.3 wallpapers. It also included the wallpapers from the previous jellybean version.

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