Friday, 15 March 2013

How To Download Apk File From Google Play to PC ? [Updated 21 / 06 / 2014]

download apk from google play to pc
Google play won't allow us to download any app or game using our computer. The only way they allowed is using an Android phone with Google Play or Android Market. It will be very hard for Android users if they don't have a WiFi or a better 3G plan at home. Here comes the solution you can download the Free Apps or Games APK from Google Play using APK Downloader (Chrome extension).

In this post I included the some of the best available working methods which are used among many Android users. The post will update on each new method releases.

Note :
- Don't use your personal Gmail ID with this extension.
- Create a dummy gmail id.
- Add it to your phone as the default account for the play store app
- Use your correct device id

According to some users Chrome Plugin APK Downloader not working for them. So I am updated the post with another alternate working method which is using a Java app called Realt APK Leecher by Nhat Cuong DevTeam.

Update 2
Before making complaint make sure that you are using the Gmail id which is added as the primary gmail id in your phones play store app and using the correct device id which is associated with the used gmail id. I am tested it on (12-08-2013) and works well.

Update 3
Now the Apk Downloader team brought another easy way to download apk files from Google Play ... post updated ...check Method1.

Update 4
Added two more working methods Raccoon Apk Downloader anf Apkleecher online. check method 4 and 5.

Method 1

Download Apk from Google Play using online apk downloader.

1. Go to
2. In the page, Copy paste the Google Play URL of the app or game in the textbox and hit Generate Download Link.

The link generation may take up to 5 minute depends by the size of the apk....wait till it returns the download link.

3. Finally, Click on Click here to download com.example.appname now button.

That's the download will start automatically.

Method 2

Download Apk from Google Play using APK Downloader (Chrome Plugin)

1. Download the latest version of APK Downloader extension from the developer website.
2. Open chrome://extensions/ and drag the downloaded file in to that page.
3. Click Add on the confirm extension install.
4. After Install..Click Options link below APK Downloader extension.

apk downloader chrome options

5. It will open a new chrome tab to enter login information. Where enter the fields below.

apk downloader chrome login info

Email - use the Gmail id which should be the primary Gmail id in your device.
Password - dummy Gmail's password
Android Device ID - enter your device id ( to get device ID dial *#*#8255#*#* or use GTalk Service app from Google Play )

android device id

6. Click Login...Done ..( You can set the Country and SIM operator by clicking show advanced settings )
7. Now go to Google Play and open the App or Game you want to download.
8. Finally click on the APK Downloader icon in the right side of the address bar.

apk downloader icon address bar

That's it...!

Method 3

Download Apk from Google Play using Real APK Leecher (Java App)

1. Download and install JRE (Java Run time environment ) - Download
(Skip this step if you all ready installed JRE)
2. Download and Extract Latest version Real APK Leecher - Download
3. Open Real APK Leecher.exe
4. Now it will ask you to enter Email , Password , Device id ,default country etc..enter it same as method 1's 5th step...and click Save.

That's it the next screen you can search and download the desired apps and games.

Method 4
Here is another method using Raccoon ... follow the official site to download instruction .... check out the link below.
Raccoon Apk Downloader

Method 5
Another online apk downloader. method is same as Method 1.
Apkleecher online


  1. i ll follow all steps but when i download apps its show me "error cannot download this app 403 forbidden" plz tell me how can i resolve this prob

  2. @Mohsin Shah
    Are you using the same gmail id that you using in the phones play store ?

  3. its not working cannot dwnload this app 400 bad request

  4. Not working, Cannot download apk for free apps! Got msg 'ERROR: Cannot download this app! 403 Forbidden.

  5. option is not working, so cant give my gmail id to login it

  6. @MA
    check again there should be an option.

  7. I cannot download anything, it says:

    ERROR: Cannot download app!

    403 Forbiden

    Obviously i am NOT OK

  8. doesn't work for me, this app is crap :(

  9. was getting 400 error. then dl gtalk service info app from market and got the correct android id number

  10. thank you man works like magic ^V^

  11. It worked. Thank You Boss.
    Previously I couldn't install the Impact dialer widget from Google Play to my HCl ME tablet. I used your trick and and downloaded it from my PC.

  12. I love you!!!! first time android user and already hated having to download evrey single app I wanted to try out and waste my mobile data plan. Right now I can download any .apk file I choose to try :) Thank you!!!

  13. neither apk downloader nor apk leecher is working since the last 2 days after google play appears in new look :(...what would I do now?? previously apk downloader was working fine 4 me

  14. @Promit Hasan
    Ya ..some others reported in XDA apk leecher thread...they may fix it soon...i will update the post, when i get a fix.

  15. Awseome.... ♥♥♥♥ love it ....its working... )))))))..

    Follow every step... it is working)))

  16. @sabeer sas:

    Just a side note...

    Why did you blur out your Device ID in one pic, only to show all but the last 2 digits (which are shown in the first pic) of your Device ID in the second pic?

    Using both pics, your Device ID can be easily pieced together because you didn't blur out the same digits in both pics. So what's the point?

  17. @Jake A
    I didn't noticed that...thanks for mentioning.

  18. i followed every step and didnt got the play store icon on the address bar
    what to do?

  19. @Deepansh Sood
    that's may be because of the chrome version issue ...try the alternate Real Apk Leecher

  20. @deepansh Did the APK extension got installed in extension,First check that ,
    And if yes than put ur device id and correct email id its password its Working,

    I have downloaded almost all app like this.!@@

  21. One more thing,i hope you may be knowing.. its kids things,

    When apk download start in chrome and this file is bigger, Pause it , copy its link address and Use this in Your IDM ( internet download Manager) , u get full speed ( which u cant get in chrome)

  22. It shows "Downlaod Failed due to bad device id,internet connection,you didn't purchase this app" although everythimg is to fix it ??

  23. @xebec ayn
    are you using the same gmail id which is added in phone as the default gmail id ? also check your device id ( look at Dani Robinson comment ).

  24. Now Google Play changed its layout, please help now your old method (as described above) not working


  25. @Aamir
    I am just checked the first method and works...may you are using different mail id or wrong device id.

  26. Error:Cannot Download This app
    403 forbidden

  27. With Apk downloader you can download only the Apk files, it does not download the com.example.appname files. Like in Asphalt 8 and Fifa 14 it downloads only 20 MB Apk file then after installation it asks to download 1.5 GB of file to run the game.