Thursday, 28 February 2013

Type Hindi in Android Device Using Google Hindi Input

google hindi input
Yesterday Google released 'Google Hindi Input' a keyboard replacement for android devices Which help to type in Hindi in two easy ways. One is like the Google translators style 'Hinglish' and the second one is using the actual Devanagari letters. I am installed it on GS2 Android 4.2.2 and it feels pretty good in Hinglish mod.One click Switching between English(default) and Hindi make the keyboard fits to daily use. In Android 4.2.2 the keyboard UI is same as Default one, i am not tested in other android versions.

It is really cool that now we can share stats,send and receive sms,add contacts etc. in Hindi. See the video below to get the settings option of Google Hindi Input.


  1. Hi i'm not getting the hindi keyboard anywhere. and which ROM did you use to convert in 4.2.2 on GS2?

  2. @I am using Super Nexus 2.0 based on android 4.2.2
    ... For Hindi, Enable Google Hindi Input in Settings -> Language & input and set the Keyboard input method to Hindi transliteration