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How to flash Galaxy S2 i9100 4.2.2 Custom ROM Super Nexus 2.0 ? [ Updated ]

galaxy s2 best jelly bean 4.2.2 rom
Do you have Samsung Galaxy S2 ? Do you want to experience the pure android in it ? the here it is. This post describe the steps to flash Jellybean 4.2.2 based custom ROM Super Nexus 2.0 on Samsung Galaxy S2.

There are many custom ROM's in XDA but i like Super Nexus ROM. I started using this ROM since its 4.0.4 build and i am really satisfied with it. In my Galaxy S2 ,now i am using Super Nexus 2.0 build 3. Its really smooth. Thanks to Faryaab for making this amazing ROM.

Super Nexus 2.0 gives vanilla android experience like Google's nexus devices. The ROM is entirely built from Google's AOSP Source with lot of improvements and optimizations and removed all the third party apps(ZERO Bloatware).

I was using XWLS8 4.1.2 now again switched back to Super Nexus 2.0. Now its on Android 4.2.2 the latest one recently started giving to Nexus device only.

System Details:
- Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean (JOP40D - Android-4.2.2_r1)
- Latest CM Kernel
- All Jelly Bean Features and Apps (Nothing excluded from AOSP)
- No Visual Changes!
- Stock Jelly Bean Look and Feel

ROM Features:
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- Fully Deodexed
- Zipaligned APKs
- Rooted (Super SU)
- BusyBox Installed
- No 3rd Party App
- ZERO Bloatware
- Android Source Code vastly improved and optimized (i.e. Bionic, Dalvik, Webkit, Framework, libcore, SQlite etc)
- Official Jelly Bean Bootanimation (From Official Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.1 Factory Image)
- Init.d Support
- UserInit Support
- Bash & Nano Support
- Native SIP/VOIP Support
- HSPA+ Support
- OpenVPN Support
- EXT4 File System Optimizations
- Galaxy S II Device Settings As An App
- Large APN & SPN List

Framework Features:
-Extended Power Menu (Reboot, Recovery, Download & Screenshot Options)
-Improved Scrolling Cache
-Tweaked Animation Values Of Progress Spinners (Silky Smooth Loading Spinners)
-Enabled Rotation Lock Tile in Quick Settings for Phones (Previously was only enabled on Tablets)

Camera Features:
-Burst Shot (Up to 20 Images at once)
-ISO Mode
-Touch Focus Duration
-Power Shutter (Click Power Button To Capture Image/Video)
-Color Effects
-Shutter Timer
-Zero-Shutter Lag (On Specific devices)
-sphere camera not included

Browser Features:
-Increased Maximum Tab limit from 16 to 64
-Incognito Tab Option (When long pressed on an URL)
-Option To Close All Tabs With One-Click
-Allowed Any Type Of File To Be Downloaded

Phone Features:
-T9 Dialer Support
-Landscape Dialer Support
-Transparency To Incall Screen
-Noise Suppression

Miscellaneous Features:
-Allowed Installation Of Apps From Unknown Sources By Default
-Allowed Any Type Of File To Be Sent/Received Via Bluetooth
-Disabled Data Roaming By Default
-Removed Google's Software Updates Option from Settings
-Enabled Gesture Input By default
-Hardware Information of the device (Settings>About Device>Hardware Information)
- Phone must be rooted and Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) installed.
- Backup your data
- battery must be 70% or above.
- download links provided on this post is only for Galaxy S2 i9100 .. if you have a different device visit forum thread to get download link.

Note from developer
Philz kernel and recovery causes some kind of issues with AOSP ROM installations, please use CF-Root, Siyah, CM or Dorimanx kernel before flashing SuperNexus.

Disclaimer : Rooting / Flashing may brick your phone we are not responsible for any damage. Do at your risk.

How to flash Super Nexus 2.0 on Galaxy S2 i9100

1. Download Super Nexus 2.0 BUILD 3 From XDA threadfrom here
2. Download Gapps for Jelly Bean from here
3. Copy both downloaded files to internal SD card.
4. Switch off your phone and wait till vibrate.
5. Boot in to Clockworkmod recovery ( Volume up + Home + Power )
6. Do a Wipe data/factory reset.
7. select install zip from sdcard.
8. select choose zip from internal sdcard.
9. select and install..after installation.
10. select and install...after installation.
11. select reboot system now.

That's it wait till the phone reboots...!


  1. great share dude thanx rom i have ever used. switched from RR

  2. @Chyntun!!!!!
    Balanced battery life...i think good

  3. No issues encountered using Philz kernel and recovery on my end.

  4. How long do you wait, ive been waiting a while?

  5. @jerome can install any file manager from Google Play

  6. hay i have android 2.3.5 in my s 2 can i update it to this thing

    and this is my first time rooting my phone
    at what occasions that my phone will brick or unusable

  7. @lakshan karunathilake
    bro...we can't predict when your phone get bricked...if you follow the rooting method for your version 2.3.5 correctly it will not brick...make sure you are using the specific root file for your android version...

  8. and if i follow the above steps can i do it properly

  9. @lakshan karunathilake
    Yes you can...but before following this steps you must root your phone

  10. my android version is 2.3.5 xxki3 as said in phone

  11. plz help me i wanna root samsung galaxy chat GTB-5330 i ve tried all the methods but none of them works for me . i know u can help me plz help me as soon as possible. i m waiting for ur precious reply . thanks in advance

  12. @owais bhat
    Please share your phone firmware version,csc and kernal info....if i get the root i will share...

  13. thanks a lot for u precious reply. i know u can definitely help me .
    here r the details


    build number

  14. @owais bhat
    Bro..also share the firmware version (android version) and Baseband version.

  15. Android version is 4.0.4

    Baseband version B5330DDMA1

  16. @lakshan karunathilake
    Its not the official is a custom ROM and it is very stable

  17. Dear Sabeer, when i wipe date in CWM, it just remove my user information & cannot install android 4.2. Please help

    Follow all the steps....install the zip after wipe

  19. how can i installed Clockworkmod?

  20. Dear Sabeer, thanks for your reply, i did all the step as per this instruction but when i tried to install the zip file it says, installation aborted, status 7. please help

    May be the zip damaged...Try to extract the zip in your computer....if extracting fails re-download the zip...and try again

  22. @Mohsin Shah
    To install clockwork mod recovery you must root your phone.

  23. how can i root sony ericsson xperia sk17i mini pro?
    and How to flash 4.2.2 Custom ROM Super Nexus 2.0 ? [ Updated ] in my sony ericsson xperia sk17i mini pro?

  24. @mirza innocent
    Bro you cant flash this Super Nexus on Sony Ericsson xperia...its only for Galaxy S2...i will post your root file if i get one.

  25. Some Gapps is missing! but I have them now I just flshed it again :)

  26. can i install this custom room on my " anycall galaxy s1"? if no then please post jelly bean 4.1.2 for my "anycall galaxy s1"

  27. @Mohsin Shah
    you can't install it on galaxy s.....if i get a bugfree 4.1.2 for your phone i will post soon

  28. Hi,

    Can I update to this ROM if my S2 spec are :

    Android version 4.0.3
    Baseband version I9100XXKI3
    Kernel version 3.0.15-I9100XXLPJ-CL140368

    Thanx a lot
    Version number IML74K.XXLPJ

  29. @Plume
    Yes you can install this

  30. Very FUnny !!

    its showing "E: Error in /emmc/download/
    Installation Aborted !!!

    ANy idea what happened? and what to do ??

  31. @Ehsan Murad
    It may be because of the corrupted zip....check the zip by extracting in the computer...or ask at the forum thread for the developer help

  32. sorry missed ur point "issues with philz" resolved.. but now a new problem..cannot connect via kies? what could be the reason?

  33. stuck at bootlogo.
    Currently using biftor rom v5.1
    Before flashing your rom I have wiped cache partion, dalvik cache and user data... plz help..

  34. @Ehsan Murad
    delete your previously added device from pc's device manager and try.

  35. @Aqeeb Sayad
    After install do wipe data,cache,dalvik,fix permission and reboot

  36. pls can i root with 4.03 baseband 19100xxlps,KERNEL VERSION 3.0.15-19100XWLP7-CL340913dpi DELL134 3,N pls wat is clockmod,am a newbie pls.

  37. Hello, i just followed your instructions, but i get an error.
    [(Status 7)

    Installation aborted.]
    What to do know? I still got my stock fw by samsung on it, but i wanna get this rom running on my phone! So what to do?

  38. @Ludi Idul
    Are you using philz kernal ?

  39. everything worked fine...but phone is struck at boot...what to do...

  40. @Kapil Kapoo
    1. Remove and reinsert your battery.
    2. Now boot into recovery mode. ( Volume up + Home + Power )
    3. Apply wipe data/factory reset.
    4. Apply wipe cache partition.
    5. Finally reboot system...

  41. im using this ROM n ma S2i9100 , amazing , working cool and perfect, battery backup too

  42. Hi. I'm on Lite'ning ROM v5
    Android 2.3.4
    Baseband I9100XXKG6
    Kernel hardcore@speedmod #s2-k1-t17-200hz

    Is there anything I need to know please? Ta in advance!

  43. @Steve Auty
    I think no...just follow the steps correctly..still confusion ...just look at the SuperNexus XDA thread.

  44. i found a bug in data usage control. the usage report is not the reality... someone else?? [ROM][AOSP][JB][4.2.2][JDQ39E] SuperNexus 2.0 - I9300 - Milestone 1 [01-06-13]

  45. Could not complete step 7
    7. select install zip from sdcard.
    8. select choose zip from internal sdcard.

    My Device IS 4.1.2 Baseband = I9100DDLS9

  46. I like your post it is very interesting i would like to visit your website frequently.....!

  47. Hi....guys need some input here i Have s2 n last time upgraded thru odin 4.1.2.....can i try 4.2.2 manully thing will it work or harm phone...pls reply

  48. @Sid K
    You can flash it in your S2... make sure you have international version of Galaxy s2 ie. I9100

  49. can do is for korian phones

  50. @dilshan
    I think yes...but make sure that you have international version of Galaxy S2 (I9100)

  51. Hi, I have an SGSII rooted with speedmod-kernel-s2-jb-k5-3-Odin(SuperUserXWLSW) it's safe after wipe to install the supernexus version build 5?

  52. I´ve downloaded and already installed this rom in mi i9100, thanks bro, the best roms out there, it really gives the nexus experience touch to the Galaxy S2. Everything it´s fine except from the mobile internet connection, i can´t make it work, if you can help me would be great. Thanks you

  53. @Antonio Iovine
    I think yes...but backup your important data before installation.

  54. @Javier Cifuentes
    Restart phone and try again..

  55. @Phoebe's sensible inspired fashions
    I think no...better ask in the developer thread.

  56. I'm so disappointed GPS isn't working for me.. any fixes recommended? Otherwise it's perfect!

  57. @Steve Auty
    Bro...while using this ROM i was not faced any GPS issue...currently i don't have a Galaxy S2 to test again...please ask at the official XDA thread( Step 1 download link )

    Download the Official 4.0.3 for your country from SamMobile...and flash using Odin...

  59. Hi .. Sabeer how r u bro .... Thnx u helped me before ... I hv some problem after installing nexus 2.0.. My battery life is very low then before... It finish very fast i want to delete this firmware from my phone ... Wht r the steps...
    Model: GT-19100
    Baseband: 19100XXLS8
    Plsss help me brother.... Thnx plss reply

  60. @Mohmmad Alialiali
    Bro...its very simple ...Download the latest firmware for your country at SamMobile and flash using Odin...for Odin flash guide refer the post below Odin flash 4.0.4