Monday, 8 October 2012

How To Remove System Apps in Android ?

remove system apps in android
Two things i hate about my Galaxy S2 stock ROM is TouchWiz and Bloatwares. There are many crappy apps that are pre installed in Galaxy S2 stock ROM. Most of this pre installed apps are not usefull for us.In default uninstaller we can't remove this apps....!

Are you on stock rom ? Do you want to get rid off the preinstalled apps ? Then this post is for you. In this post i am describing the steps to remove system apps from android mobiles.

- Root permission (Some pre installed apps can remove without root)
- A third party uninstaller

If you search on Play Store you will get many apps to remove system apps. I am selected HiUninstaller which is a free uninstaller with a simple interface and it allows to remove some pre installed apps without root.

1. Download and Install HiUninstaller.
2. Open HiUninstaller , then you will see 4 Tabs Regulated Apps , System Apps, Recycle Bin and More Tools.

Regulated Apps tab - This tab shows all the apps installed by us and some pre installed apps.. you can uninstall any apps from this tab without root.

remove android system apps without root

System Apps tab - This tab shows all the pre installed system apps.. your device must be rooted to uninstall any app from this tab.

remove android system apps with root

3. Select your preferred tab and click on the app you want to uninstall...It will popup a Uninstall.

remove android system apps uninstall menu

4. It will popup a confirmation ... uncheck Recycle Bin if you don't want to keep backup and click OK button.

remove android system apps backup confirm

5. Again you will get a confirmation OK button.

remove android system apps final confirm

That's it...

Note : Also you can uninstall apps by checking the corresponding checkbox and click Uninstall at the bottom right.


  1. nice one..if i know chinese android phone wont be bricked....ohhmann

  2. It's working for Micromax A87.. I freed around 20 MB of memory..