Monday, 27 August 2012

How To Hard Reset Wave 2 with Lost Password ?

There are many cases that we set a password in phone and later we forget. If you are a nob mostly you will take the mobile to service man to reset the password. But if you are a Samsung Wave 2 with Bada OS user then you can reset your password to default by simply dialing some numbers.

I am tested it with Samsung Wave 2 on Bada 1.2 and Bada 2.0 and its successfully reset to the default one. It may be work with other Bada OS phones.

* Before hard reset your phone must be charged to a minimum of 60%

1. Backup your contacts
2. Remove SIM and Memmory Card
3. Now dial *2767*3855# and wait till the phone reboots.

Thats it ! Done ! Now your phone will be in default state !


  1. Merci pour l'info mais, très appréciés!

  2. hi I have a problem, it's only sos calls, it would only ask me to dial 117. i cant get the dial pad to start.

    1. dude i hv same problem... guys what to do

  3. @Beatriz Bustamante
    do you have SIM in your phone...

  4. Hi Sabeer.... the code doesn't work for me.... I put the code and it ask me for a password of the phone, thing that I don't know.... I don't have SIM card inside but it's always the same thing... do you know how I can make hard reset in another way, for example from the pc? thanks

  5. @3762b8ec-dd27-11e2-a197-000bcdcb8a73
    Flash firmware using multiloader ...that will remove all the password and can get the latest firmware from SamMobile

  6. serious????? how can i do that? do you have a link for me explaining how to??? I do I flash the firmware using multiloader? I will search for that... thanks for already giving me a open window ;)

  7. @3762b8ec-dd27-11e2-a197-000bcdcb8a73
    Yes by flashing you can solve the problem....give me your phone model and country...i will share the firmware and steps

  8. I got it... it's unlock :D thanks man... you are the best.... i put bada 2.0 and it's like a new phone....PERFECT

  9. plz tell me how can I reset my mobile while my mobile is restarting automatically after showing the samsung logo and its continue again and again and it would not switch on.Samsung star 2 gt-s5263.
    Thanks for help..

  10. @Nabajit Paul
    You can't reset from that state...flash latest firmware that will fix the problem.

  11. Okay, so I have a Samsung S8530 Wave II, how I do the flash firmware thing?

  12. @Ayla Aktan
    you can flash firmware using it....if you cant find reply here...i will post a detailed post.

  13. That a lot dude...Worked like a miracle.............

  14. Hi Sabeer. the code doesn't work for me. I put the code and it ask me for a password of the phone, thing that I don't know. I don't have SIM card inside. do you know how I can make hard reset in another way? Phone model: samsung wave 533, Poland thanks

  15. I have done that same way but it asking enter password.
    I forget the password
    There is an any another way to reset

  16. please I have a Samsung s8530. the kid tampered with the phone and I cant access it because of a phone password. when I put on the phone, it requires a phone password to proceed which I dont have. please how do I proceed to bypass the password and access my phone?

  17. It was amazing to try your trick and got sucess with the grace of Almighty Allah.
    Thanx a lot Sabeer Mohammed Bro.