Tuesday, 17 July 2012

How To Stop Android Market/Play Store From Adding New Apps Shortcut To Home Screen ?

play store app shortcut image
When we install a new app or game from Android Market/Play Store ,it creates a shortcut of app or game on our home screen. Its handy but most of us not like this feature. To stop this there is an option in Android Market/Play Store. Just follow the simple steps.

Steps :
1. Open Android Market/Play Store in your Android device.
2. Then go to Menu > Settings.
3. Finally uncheck Auto-add widgets / Auto-add shortcuts

That's it , Done !!!


  1. Looked for it everywhere... except for this specific place... Thanks!

  2. Thanks sooo much for that tip! I've just recently went from using a Android Froyo tablet to a ICS and that's the one feature that was driving me crazy! But I had no idea how or where to change it.

  3. I’m flattened for your blogs writings and blogs as well.

  4. Thanks a lot, this solved my problem.