Monday, 23 July 2012

How To Customize Android Notification Bar ?

Toggles on Notification bar help us to easily enable/disable or navigate to settings,tasks etc. In stock android ROM there is a limited number of notification toggles and there is no option to edit those toggles. If you have a custom ROM based on AOSP/AOKP then you can add or customize the notification toggles easily.

For custom notification toggles i am not going to recommend you to flash a custom ROM. Without having a custom or rooted ROM you can add and customize notification toggles by installing free or paid apps.

I prefer Notification Toggles and 1Tap quick Bar. These apps are free for download. To enable the premium features you can buy the full version from PlayStore. I am happy with the free version.

Notification Toggle

- Possible to add many toggles in one line
- Possible to add 2 Notification bar
- Possible to add Installed apps to notification bar
- Possible to add custom icon images
- Possible to add custom icon colors

- Installed apps icons are a little big
- default toggle icons are not much attractive when compared with 1Tab Quick Bar
- UI is not much attractive

1Tap quick Bar

- UI is attractive and user friendly
- Possible to add Installed apps to notification bar
- Possible to add background to the notification bar
- Installed apps icons are better size when compared with Notification Toggle
- Default toggle icons are better than Notification Toggle

- Possible to add only 6 icons per notification bar
- Free version limited with 1 notification bar

Note : Above is my review for the Free versions of the apps. The premium version may be more attractive.

Download Apps from Play Store Notification Toggles | 1Tap quick Bar


  1. do any of them let you disable the whole notification panal? i don't want toggles or brightness on it, i want it blank accept for... notifications? galaxy s2 boost mobile

  2. @looking for answers
    Notification toggles are different based on the ROM ...flash a custom ROM according to your needs.